Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is eCampus Manitoba?

eCampus Manitoba is a consortium of Manitoba post-secondary institutions working together to make education more accessible, and to help students achieve their goals. We have seven institution partners, and a small staff that help deliver our services.

Why eCampus Manitoba?

Hundreds of courses. Seven institutions. One website. Now you can access hundreds of Manitoba's online courses in a single location.

There is more good news! You can save up to $150.00 per course! Our partners have agreed to waive the fees for the letter of permission and visiting student application when you use this website to access their online courses.

Find transfer information at your fingertips. Many of the courses on this site have pre-arranged credit transfer agreements, meaning they are transferable for credit to your home institution. Be sure to check with your academic advisor to ensure the course can be applied to your program of study.

What does eCampus Manitoba offer?

  • We maintain this website, making it easier for students to explore their online learning options.

  • We work with post-secondary institutions to make it easier for students to transfer course credits from one institution to another.

  • We offer phone, email and online chat support to answer absolutely any questions you might have.

  • We work with our partners to help reduce or eliminate certain fees for students who want to study online.

What is “distance learning”?

Online learning is sometimes referred to as “distance learning”. These terms mean essentially the same thing: courses that students can take no matter how far away they are from the physical location of the college or university. These courses include a variety of different delivery methods including online video, downloadable text or photo course materials, live-streaming of lectures, online libraries, physical textbooks or library books, and online methods of completing assignments and exams.

What is my “home institution”?

Your home institution is the college or university where you are enrolled as a student. You will have a student number that certifies this. Your home institution is where you are pursuing a program of study, where all of your credits are held, where all transcripts will be issued, and where you expect to graduate.

What is a “host institution”?

A host institution is any university or college other than your home institution. For example, if your home institution is University of Winnipeg and you are taking an online course through Red River College, your host institution would be Red River College.

Registering for Courses

Who can take online courses listed on the eCampus Manitoba website?

First you need to apply and be accepted as a student at one of our partner institutions. This will be your home institution. For more information on how to get your application started, please visit our resource page.

I found a course I want to take. How do I register?

  • First, create a free eCampus Manitoba account. Create a username, password, then start making a course wish list.

  • Next, make sure to enter your student number into your profile. To take courses listed on this website, you need to be a regular student at one of our partner institutions.

  • When you've found a course you want to take you should first discuss the matter with your academic advisor to make sure this is a good choice for your program of study. Then click "Get Started". You will see a confirmation screen. When you’re ready, confirm by clicking “Request permission”.

  • Next we'll take care of getting you all the required paperwork. If the course is at a host institution, we'll request your Letter of Permission. If you don't have a Visiting Student Number, we'll help you get that as well, but please note you will need to fill out a quick application on the host institution website.

  • Once everything is in place, you’ll be ready to register for the course. Your home institution will have granted your Letter of Permission and sent you a copy by mail. You will have received a package from the host institution that includes your Visiting Student Number and details on how to register. This is usually sent in the mail, but varies by institution.  

  • To register for your course, follow the instructions provided by the host institution. Please note that all course registration is done through the host institution's website.

Please contact us if you need help with this process.

How long does the registration process take?  

The process of getting your course permissions varies depending on the institution, but can take up to about four weeks.   

Can I take courses from more than one institution at a time?

Yes, but if a course you want to take is not offered by your home institution, you will first need to obtain a visiting student number from the host institution.

How do I get my visiting student number?

You can get a visiting student number by applying for one through the host institution website. When you complete this process through your eCampus Manitoba account, you will not be charged a fee. Note: You will need to complete this step again if in the future you decide to take a course at a new host institution.   

What is a “Letter of Permission”?

A Letter of Permission is a document that students are required to get from their home institution prior to registering for courses at a host institution. This document guarantees the credits you earn for the course will transfer back to your home institution. Fortunately, this document is automatically requested when you click “Request permissions now” on any course listed on the eCampus Manitoba website. We are able to do this because we have already arranged for your credits on many courses to transfer back to your home institution.

Do I need a Letter of Permission when registering for a course listed on the eCampus Manitoba website?

Yes, but when you follow the process on our website, we will take care of this, at no cost to you. This can save you around $60 per course. But remember, this does not guarantee the course will fit your program of study. Please check with your home institution academic advisor.

What does “visiting student” status mean?

When you are taking a course with a host institution, you are considered a visiting student.

Is there a fee to become a visiting student?

Usually there is, but if you register for an online course that is listed on the eCampus Manitoba website, you will not have to pay a visiting student application fee. This can save you up to $80 per course.

Who do I pay when I register for a course?

You will pay the institution that is delivering the course.

What does “transfer credit” mean?

Transfer credit means that a post-secondary institution has evaluated a course from another institution and has agreed to accept the course credits for transfer. It doesn’t mean the two courses are exactly the same or “equivalent”, simply that they are similar enough that the home institution believes it would be wasteful to require you to retake the course.

Another thing to remember is that transfer credits are not always reciprocal. For example, the University of Winnipeg might accept a University of Manitoba course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the University of Manitoba accepts that University of Winnipeg course in return. Also, if one institution accepts a course for transfer you can’t assume that others will too. We realize transfer credits can be a tricky thing to understand, so please contact us if you have any questions.

What if the course I want to take doesn’t have a transfer option for my home institution?

It still might be possible for you to get a transfer credit for the course. To find out if it’s possible, first contact your home institution academic advisor to see if the course is a good fit for your program. If they agree, you can then visit the eCampus Manitoba website and request permission to take this course. Doing this through our website takes care of your Letter of Permission, which if approved, guarantees the course credit will transfer to your home institution.

What is an “unallocated transfer credit”?

Sometimes your home institution will not offer a course similar to the one being considered for transfer. They might not even have a department in that discipline. Nevertheless, your home institution will let you transfer this course as an unallocated credit. This usually means that you will transfer the course to your home institution as an elective, either within the major or the general requirements for your program. Again please remember, only your home institution academic advisor can confirm if the unallocated transfer credit will fulfil a requirement in your program of study.

Can I get a transfer credit for a course even though there is no prearranged transfer credit agreement at my home institution?

In some cases it might be possible for transfer credit to be arranged. Note: when you request permission to take the course through the eCampus Manitoba website, this includes an evaluation of the online course you want to take for transfer into your home institution. Please contact us or get in touch with your home institution registrar for more information.

How do I know if a course on the eCampus Manitoba website will fit my program of study?

Our website lists many transfer options, but you will still need to check with your home institution academic advisor to see if the course will count toward your program of study.

Can I change my home institution?

Yes. To change home institutions you’ll need to complete an admission application at the institution of choice and submit transcripts from all institutions where you previously studied. For help with this, please contact us.

I’m in high school. Can I take courses listed on the eCampus Manitoba website?

Yes, certain university-level courses can be counted toward your senior four graduation requirements. These are called “dual credit courses” and will count toward both your high school diploma, as well at a post-secondary institution. Please contact your high school guidance counsellor for more information.

Can I take on-campus courses too?

Yes, you can register for on-campus courses at your home institution. You can also register for on-campus courses at a host institution, just make sure you have a visiting student number and a letter of permission for the course.

After You Have Registered

How do I get my textbooks?

Textbooks can be purchased from the host institution that is delivering the course. Please visit our resource page to find out where to buy textbooks.

How do I get my photo Student ID card?

The process of getting your student card varies by institution. Please contact your home institution for more information.

How do I access my online course?

This process varies by institution. Please visit our resource page for links to each institution’s online learning portal. If you have trouble logging in, contact us for support.

How do I get my transcripts?

When you complete your course, it is important to request your transcripts and make sure they are received by your home institution. To do this, simply order the transcripts from the host institution (see “Where to get your transcripts” links on our resource page). You can ask that the transcripts be sent directly to your home institution. You may also want to request a second copy for your personal records. Once the transcripts are received by your home institution and added to your home transcripts, your course will appear, usually with a TX code beside it.

How do I get my tuition tax receipts (T2202A)?

Tax receipts are usually available in late February and are typically provided to students online. Paper copies are not mailed out to students. To get your tax receipt, simply log on to your student account through your post-secondary institution website, download the .pdf file, and print it out. Please note you will receive a separate T2202A from each institution you studied with during the calendar year.

Can I transfer my tax receipt to someone else?

Yes. For information on claiming qualifying tuition and education amounts or transferring amounts to a spouse, parent or grandparent please contact Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at 1-800-959-8281 or visit the CRA website for more information.  


Who do I go to if I need support for the course I am taking?

All institutions that are part of eCampus Manitoba understand the benefits of allowing students to take courses at more than one institution. They have all agreed to a “home/host” partnership, meaning both your home and host institution are there to provide support. Your home institution academic advisor is there for overall support. Both your home and host institutions will provide support on course related things like library services, tutoring, IT, career counselling and more. If you’re unsure of whom to ask for support, contact us for help.

What is the eCampus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk?

We understand that the post-secondary system can be confusing. Especially for people who are not familiar with how it works. For this reason we created our Virtual Help Desk: a chat tool that is operated by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you have a question, just ask! To use the Virtual Help Desk, simply click the orange support box at the bottom-right of our website. Also, you can contact us anytime by phone at 1-866-445-0063 or through our contact form.  

Is the eCampus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk my academic advisor?

No, the eCampus Manitoba Virtual Help Desk is not your academic advisor. You should always seek the advice of your academic advisor if you have questions about completing your degree, diploma or certificate. Our Virtual Help Desk is perfect for general questions and help with getting connected to the right people within the system. There are many things we can help you with, but we will often refer you to your academic advisor.